Why choose Quality Hydraulics for your Staffa Motor?

At Quality Hydraulics Limited, we are authorised suppliers of Kawasaki pumps and Staffa motors. We have a high volume of Kawasaki and Staffa products. We also carry many spares, at our premises in County Durham. We pride ourselves on always being here to help.

We are also suppliers of LJM and Hy-Pro Filtration and Contamination Products. Quality Hydraulics Ltd is a family owned company. We seek to look after our customer’s needs and specialize in finding answers to the challenges you face.

Quality Hydraulics Ltd. Working with our customers to provide the right products, when you need them.

Quality Hydraulics. Official Staffa Motors stockist. To see our latest stock range of Staffa, click HERE. For our Kawasaki stock, click HERE or visit the Kawasaki Website for detailed information of what we sell as an official Staffa Motors stockist.