Axial Piston Pumps

Kawasaki axial piston pumps supplied by Quality Hydraulics have been producing and supplying quality products for more than 50 years and leads the world in terms of pump efficiency and performance. The K3VLS series (designed for open circuit systems in industrial vehicles) and K8V series (for closed circuit applications and hydrostatictransmissions) are the latest products to join the Kawasaki axial piston pump range.

Quality Hydraulics Limited - KPM K3VL - K3VL Series Kawasaki axial piston pump The K3VL series swash plate type Kawasaki axial piston pumps are designed to satisfy a variety of construction and off-highway applications. These are particularly useful where a medium to high pressure variable displacement pump is required. > 28 to 200cc displacements> 320 bar continuous pressure rating> Load sensing, torque […]
Kawasaki's medium K3VLS - K3VLS Series Kawasaki’s new medium duty pump, the K3VLS, has been developed for machines and equipment that use a load sensing control system and/or electric displacement control systems. Its launch follows extensive research and development as engineers combined efficiency with simplicity to deliver the most technologically advanced pump on the market. > 50,65, 85, 105 […]
Quality Hydraulics Limited - KPM K3VG - K3VG Series The K3VG series are swash-plate type axial piston pumps which give excellent performance in high flow industrial applications in a compact and cost-effective package. > 63 and 280cc displacements, up to 560cc with a tandem> 350 bar continuous pressure rating> Common suction port> Extensive range of highly responsive control options
Quality Hydraulics Limited - KPM K7VG - K7VG Series The K7VG series of high-pressure swash plate type pump was developed for general industrial machinery use. The adoption of the high-load bearings and friction-free contacting mechanism of piston shoes, results in a high level of reliability and long life. > 180 and 265cc displacements> 350 bar continuous pressure rating> Long bearing life> ISO […]
Quality Hydraulics Limited - HPS Series K8V - K8V Series The K8V series is Kawasaki’s new closed loop pump with excellent controllability and superior efficiency. It is used in hydrostatic transmissions on a variety of off-highway machinery. > 71, 90 and 125cc displacements> 400 bar rated pressure> Electronic and hydraulic displacement control> Through drive and tandem versions available
Quality Hydraulics Limited - KPM Quality Hydraulics Kawasaki Pump Stock - Part Number Model Code Stock Qty 29L35N0SL0 K3VL28/C-1NRKM-L0 1 29L35N0SP0 K3VL28/C-1NRKM-P0 0 29L35N0BL0 K3VL28/C-1NRSM-L0 1 29L4300MP0 K3VL45/B-10RMM-P0 0 29L44N0MP0 K3VL45/B-1NLMM-P0 1 29L43N0SL1E0 K3VL45/B-1NRKM-L0/1-E0 1 29L44N0BP0 K3VL45/B-1NLSM-P0 0 29L43N0SP0 K3VL45/B-1NRKM-P0 4 29L43N0SL0 K3VL45/B-1NRKM-L0 0 29L43N0SP1H1 K3VL45/B-1NRKM-P0/1-H1 1 29L43N0BL0 K3VL45/B-1NRSM-L0 3 29L43N0BP1H1 K3VL45/B-1NRSM-L0/1-H1 1 29L43N0BP0 K3VL45/B-1NRSM-P0 2 29L43N0MP0 K3VL45/B-1NRMM-P0 0 29L43N0BL1H1 K3VL45/B-1NRKM-L0/1-H1 0 29L84N0MP0 K3VL80/B-1NLMM-P0 0 29L84N0BP0 […]