Hy-pro Filtration

As you probably know, HY-PRO Filtration are manufacturers of high performance micro-glass media filter elements. The new HY-PRO range of hydraulic and lubrication filters from QHL offers higher efficiency, cleaner results and longer system component life than conventional ISO16889 accredited equivalents; having undergone dynamic filtration efficiency (DFE) multipass performance testing, the highest existing method for measuring hydraulic and lubrication filter performance.

Filter elements

Hy-Pro Filtration manufactures the highest quality hydraulic, lube oil, varnish, and diesel filtration equipment

Over 500,000 DFE-rated (Dynamic Filter Efficiency specification) filter element upgrades for all major filter manufacturers and OEMs plus enhanced designs NSD (non-spark), Dynafuzz (stainless fiber media), lube specific, and water removal.