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Since 1955, when the first radial piston high torque low speed motor was designed by our engineers, Staffa has maintained leadership in fulfilling customer needs.

Today, Staffa motors have the most technically advanced design on the market.


With a range of hydro-mechanical,electro-hydraulic and electronic control and positional systems, Kawasaki Staffa motors have been used in the most demanding of applications - worldwide.

Staffa motors are the choice of industry leaders to directly propel, drive, swing, or rotate heavy loads and inertias at low speeds.

Staffa motors are used on: plastic injection moulding machines (extruder screw drives), mining machinery (swing, track, wheel, bucket, and cutterhead drives), earthmoving and construction equipment (wheel, track, swing and implement drives), marine machinery (winch and steering mechanisms), and forestry machines (swing and cutterhead drives) as well as many others.


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